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Cobbett Hill has developed its own platform specifically designed for use within high latency networks. It guarantees best performance for international voice traffic using VSAT systems.

Cobbett Hill VoIP is designed for the special requirements of satellite broadband networks to give you the very best of VoIP over satellite. Everything we do is optimized for satellite. Low-bandwidth requirements ensure you receive a better quality of service and throughput, while providing excellent voice quality and industry leading call charges.

Furthermore, Cobbett Hill offers its clients very special rates and the possibility for companies to interconnect their remote branches. This results in considerable savings especially when calling from/to different countries and allows you to control efficiently your telephony expenses.

For VoIP resellers we offer a complete management and billing platform where you will have full control of your customers traffic and a dedicated log in and GUI to manage your call preferences.Some advantages of the Cobbett Hill VOIP service include:

- No setup or maintenance fees.

- Call to any global destination at very low rates.

- Calls are billed per second with no call setup fee.

- International and domestic numbers are available for incoming DDI's.

- You just need a standard DSL connection and an IP phone device connected to your network ( or softphone) to use the service.


Please contact us for an up to date international price list and hardware options: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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