Broadcast Network


Cobbett Hill Earth Station is a privately owned and fully independent UK based Teleport. Strategically located in an historical RF exclusion zone less than 30 miles from central London. With crucial access to BT Tower, we operate as a gateway to global connectivity.

The Teleports Broadcast Network currently utilises C & KU-band antennae on multiple geostationary satellites located from 65E to 57W. Our uplinks deliver Media & Broadcast Services over Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

 Cobbett Hills’ experienced engineering team have a demonstrated flexibility within the industry. Operating on diverse projects such as the FIFA 2010 African World Cup and 2016 Brazilian Olympics, to enabling the successful delivery of Michelle Obama’s 2013 Connecting Continents speech.

Service Provisions

Cobbett Hills' Broadcast Network service provisions include:

•24/7/365 NOC support and network monitoring

•BT Tower facility lines and on net connectivity

•Broadcast solutions for:

•Direct To Home

•Direct To Business/Enterprise

•Cable/Terrestrial Head-Ends

•Content turnaround

•Downlink and on-pass of broadcast channels

•Occasional Use

 •Leased line & Zixi delivered content

Global On-Net Connectivity

Cobbett Hills' Broadcast Network extends through our presence in London Telehouse North and the London Fibre Ring providing access to:

•BT Tower Facility Lines

•BBC Studios

•BBC News

•Timeline TV

•ABS Broadcast

•Iran International



•ITV Sport

•Globecast UK

•Telstra Global Media Network  - Hong Kong Stanley Teleport

 •Gigacontent - broadcasters and stadiums in Denmark