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iDirect VNO

VNO (Virtual Network Operator) solutions allow satellite service providers to operate their own VSAT network using the iDirect hub and teleport infrastructure of Cobbett Hill.

 A VNO operator leases a slot in the Cobbett Hill iDirect hub and configures the services it provides to the end customer. Importantly, the network of the VNO is private and secure. This allows the customer total control and flexibility in the operation, maintenance and expansion of the network.

A VNO Package allows a Service Provider to offer competitive broadband IP services without a significant upfront investment.

The Cobbett Hill VNO package includes:

- iDirect line cards in iDirect HUB

- Design, Supply and Installation of the network

- Optimised satellite bandwidth

- NMS and PP Hardware

- Dedicated Line Cards for Transmit and Receive services

- Slots in one of the CHE iDirect chassis’

- VNO License

- 24/7/365 Support

Teleport Services including RF Up/Down linking and IP connectivity

The teleport's expertise in working with VNO’s allows its customers to concentrate on running their businesses. Total flexibility means Cobbett Hill are able to accommodate and support all VNO clients from small start-up operators to larger legacy network operators.

Cobbett Hill pride themselves on offering some of the very best VNO services in the industry and always welcome VNO opportunities.

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