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Broadband at sea

Our Broadband at Sea service allows for full month to month flexibility in both connectivity and speed. This is ideal for clients who have not identified their season’s requirements and/or need flexible bandwidth packages depending upon who is onboard. Our long term relationships with multiple satellite operators allows us to offer tailored, flexible, year round solutions for all on board voice and data needs.

ION operates both KU and C-Band iDirect networks designed to support all maritime end user VSAT requirements whether they are Leisure Yacht, Commercial, Cruise or Oil and Gas applications. With a focus on high availability services, ION operates an Automatic Beam Switched network (using iDirect Open AMIP) across our multi-beam platform to offer the highest levels of service at all times. 

As an iDirect Partner and Hub Network Operator, CHE specialises in solutions using the intelligent and versatile iDirect communications platform. To maintain a focus on premium support, ION engineers are all trained on the extensive range of iDirect and stabilised antenna products, allowing us to provide up to date, well informed and prompt technical assistance.

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