Our History

  • 1835


    The whole area around Cobbett Hill was a main thoroughfare with Bronze Age settlements, roman roads and parks nearby or part of the site. The hill itself is named after the famous MP William Cobbett who died in 1835 after a colourful life. At one time he was sentenced to death by parliament for treason and fled to the New World (America) for 4 years until he was pardoned and in fact his ideas were eventually adopted by parliament. William Cobbett was a humanitarian and would have approved of the current activities of the site providing hope and connectivity to much of the world’s developing countries.

  • 1845


    The local railway to Ash was built in 1845, and is still used to this day. The army arrived in the 1800's and it is this one factor that changed the whole of the area around Farnborough and Aldershot, with many new houses and settlements arriving to service the Army’s needs. The land at Cobbett hill was in fact adopted by the army during the Second World War and used as Army barracks for much of that time up to the late 1950’s when it was adopted by the Royal Air Force.

  • 1996


    The site from the 50’s and 90’s was mostly used for HF communications. The current owner initially rented the site in 1996 and installed the first of many satellite dishes whilst the site was still providing HF communications for British Airways and other airlines. It was this communication system that was heavily involved in co-ordinating aircraft in the air during the attack on the Twin Towers, when the US closed all of its airspace in order to understand what was happening.

  • 2004


    The site was finally acquired by the current Owner in 2004 and has been used as a Teleport ever since. Currently there are well over 50 antennas ranging from 2.4m to 11m in size. The teleport was started from scratch and is unlike many of the other teleports around the world which were developed from old PTO or broadcast services. This site is unique due to its past military history and this has allowed it to be one of the few sites in the UK where we can see the total communication arc from the East to the West with uninterrupted views to give us maximum connectivity to over 150 satellites.

Who we are

Cobbett Hill Earthstation Ltd is the owner & operator of one of the UK’s leading independent Teleport facilities. It offers an extensive range of satellite communication services to the corporate, media, maritime, NGO, military and government sectors.

Core services provided include internet, voice, data and broadcast using primarily C-Band and Ku-Band frequencies.

Cobbett Hill provide a non-stop service provision, offering customers 24/7/365 operation and support, using the most advanced VSAT platforms available to match the quality & performance of digital terrestrial circuits.  

Focused primarily on the provision of C-band and Ku-band services (though approval for Ka and X-band servicesare in place), Cobbett Hill has a reputation for the design & bespoke building of end-to-end satellite communication solutions and unparalleled support services. 

The Teleport is located near Guildford, 30 miles south west of London in the UK. The facility covers approx. 7 acres on a larger site of 187 acres and currently houses c. 50 antennae. A new Network Operations Centre was recently constructed and planning has been approved for a 100% increase in office space and technical centre.

The Teleport is connected by geographically diverse redundant fibre and boasts redundant, secure power supplies, including 2 generators, Redundant UPS and a Green Technology Wood Burning Generator.

The location of the Teleport provides exceptional arcs of visibility to the South, East & West and provides potential to access up to 150 geostationary satellites.

Our Team

Dedicated to our clients success.

  • Paul O'brien

    Paul O'brien

    Managing Director

  • Adrian Redfern

    Adrian Redfern

    Sales Manager

  • Dr Hafiz Mustafa

    Dr Hafiz Mustafa

    RF Design Engineer

  • Zabih Khan

    Zabih Khan

    Network Engineer

  • Alex Stamp

    Alex Stamp

    Sales Executive

  • Ben Mohammadi

    Ben Mohammadi

    NOC Engineer

  • Francis Lovell

    Francis Lovell

    Teleport Manager

  • Adday Thaer

    Adday Thaer

    NOC Engineer

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